Wildlife Great and Small of India’s Coromandel



Wildlife everywhere – big or small, popular or shunned – plays a vital ecological role in
nature, and is crucial to our own existence.
Yet worldwide, thousands of species are:
* losing habitats essential to their survival
* being taken from the wild for sale to the global pet industry
* being unnecessarily killed out of fear or ignorance
* being slaughtered for body parts used in dubious medical practices.
Every year, many species are driven to extinction which raises the big question: how to
halt or reverse this situation?
The answer surely lies in making people aware of the value and wonders of
the wild world around them. They are then more likely to want to protect it for
the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.
This richly illustrated book covers nearly 90 profiles of life-forms found throughout
most of India, ranging from popular and attractive ones like squirrels, birds and
butterflies, to less popular or shunned ones like ants, centipedes and scorpions, plus a
few to be appreciated at a distance like crocodiles, leopards and venomous snakes.
Written in an informal manner for laymen – with occasional touches of light humour –
the text is largely free of scientific or zoological terminology. It will appeal to curious
readers from all walks of life, expand their horizons, and awaken a greater wonder and
appreciation of the fascinating natural world that surrounds us.

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Tim Wrey

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