About Us

Earthcare Books is a publisher and distributor of books on environmental issues and just and sustainable development.
We believe that an understanding of our problems and their roots must be supplemented with a vision of what needs to be done or is being done.

The areas we emphasise are:

  • Care of Natural Resources (soil, water, forests, biodiversity),
  • Ecological Agriculture and Traditional Systems,
  • Indigenous and other Appropriate Technologies,
  • Non-Formal Education,
  • Natural Health,
  • Alternative Lifestyles, Cultures & World Views

As individuals, we at Earthcare are actively involved in a collective venture of forest regeneration and organic farming, about twenty years old, and shaping marvelously on the ground. The forest now has dense and fairly tall growth, with very high biodiversity. The thick vegetation, along with water harvesting measures, has significantly improved the recharge of ground water, benefiting neighbouring villages as well. The collective hopes to start here soon, a practice-oriented learning alliance involving more people, particularly youngsters—both local adivasis, as well as some sensitive urban folk.

We welcome feedback from readers who are involved in, or are aware of similar individual or group initiatives exploring saner alternatives, whether related to natural regeneration, aforestation, organic farming, non-formal learning, natural health and indigenous technologies. We would be happy to include publications on such initiatives in our catalogue. Please keep us informed and preferably send us a sample copy of each title you would like mentioned in the catalogue.

Ethical Investment with Earthcare Books

Looking ahead, there are a number of books we would like to publish in the coming months or year—more than we can afford to on our own financial strength. We would thus be glad to receive collaborative support for such future publications.

Individual offers of Rs 5000/- (or $100) or multiples thereof as ‘ethical investments’ (refundable on one month’s notice without interest) are welcome. Such ‘solidarity deposit’ would entitle you to 25% discount on all the books published by us that you directly buy, while your deposit is still with us. We would also offer 10% discount on a number of other books from other publishers, listed in our catalogue. No postage will be charged, within India, for any orders from our ‘collaborative investors’ or ‘solidarity depositors’.