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This book discusses and analyzes several interlinked themes related to crucial aspects and many dimensions of water resources in India. The author draws upon his vast administrative experience to present a lucid view of the issues affecting water resources while critically renewing policy and constitutional provisions.


The six sections of the book respectively cover a wealth of topics including:

  • Water resources in India’s federal framework; the adequacy or otherwise of constitutional provisions to resolve inter-State water disputes; and a critique of National Water Policy 2002
  • The different ways in which water resources are perceived, and whether there is a need to fashion a national water law
  • The controversies surrounding large-dam projects in India; a critique of the Supreme Court’s recent judgement concerning the Sardar Sarovar Project; and an examination of the dysfunctional relationship that has developed between the Government of India and the World Commission on Dams
  • The recent trend of discussing scarcities and conflicts relating to water resources in the language of security, and the fallacies and dangers implicit in that discourse
  • Conflict-resolution with reference to the water treaties India has entered into with its neighbors, and the idea of augmenting the flow of the Ganges
  • Ways to minimize, if not eliminate, the dilemmas that face water resource management in India, and whether or not various river-linkage schemes should be implemented

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Ramaswamy R. Iyer

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