The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka


The One-straw Revolution is classic introduction to natural farming by Masanobu Fukuoka. This book ranks as an evergreen bestseller that revolutionized people’s attitude to farming. It has been translated into over twenty-five languages.


In The One Straw Revolution, Fukuoka – today considered one of the most outstanding organic farmers of our century-describes the events that led to the development of his natural farming methods and the impact these have had on his land, on himself and on the thousands of people who have learnt from his technique. In the process, he has left the very foundations of modern agriculture in splendid disarray.

Fukuoka demonstrates how the way we look at farming influences the way we look at health, the school, nature, nutrition, spiritual health and life itself. He joins the healing of the land to the process of purifying the human spirit and proposes a way of life and a way of farming in which such healing can take place.

The One-straw Revolution-an all-time classic-is a clarion call to all of us to abandon modern agriculture and it’s destructive methods and poisons, and to return to our far richer heritage of working closely and simply with the land.

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