How you can stop superstore sprawl in your hometown


India has a long tradition of living in harmony with earth. Today more than fifty percent of our population survives on human-scale-businesses. However in the name of economic reforms we are inviting Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Metro, Carrefour and Tesco – to help us generate employment, to uproot our communities and to pollute our environment. We are projecting employment as something like “jaadu ki chhadi” (magic wand). And for this education and FDI has taken up the lead role.

If we think that money is cure for the entire present day problems, then we need such monsters not only one but many. However, if we are ready to think beyond money and where our free time, our environment, our culture, our tradition, our love for the place where we live, respect for elders, humanscale-businesses, our health and after all our family and community comes first then we don’t need these giants (even not Indian) who survive at the cost of our family and community.

“Slam Dunking Wal-Mart” is in your hand. Through this book you can see inside US? You can see what happened to their family and community life? And you can see how various communities are fighting to reclaim it back? Do we still need these giants are up to you?

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