Padma Goes to Space


A delightful story on how a book sparks the imagination of Padma. Padma believes that all the characters and everything they do in her science fiction book are real. Her fantasy begins the moment she hides under the sofa to read her book. She wants to do all those things that the characters do. She wants to travel in her own butterfly shaped time machine, to eat star rock salad, to drink volcanic fruit juice, to devour the volcanic frozen icecream, to photograph the tortoise FRa-Gra and to get the autograph of chocolate dream makers. There is no end to the fantasy trail even after the book is closed with the star pup Glazza coming out of the book.
Highly imaginative, well written fantasy story. It opens a whole new world to kids who like to fantasize like Padma. The eye catching illustrations add colour and fun to the story.

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Swetha Prakash (Writer) Shreya Sen (Illustrator)

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