The Downward Facing Dog, the King Cobra. the Crane, the Plough… Yogic asanas, or poses, invoke animate and inanimate objects, the form and spirit of which give rise to the pose. Artist Emanuele Scanziani plays brilliantly with this connection, turning the human form into a lion, snake, scorpion and stone bridge, and bringing to life the transformative spirit at the heart of yoga.

Each page acts as instructive art: accompanying the images are brief descriptions of both the physical pose and the imaginative, meditative essence of the asana and thumbnail index image associates the physical poses with the artwork they inspire. A perfect gift for yoga novices and experts, students and teachers, or just armchair lovers of fine art. Metamorphosis provides an absolutely fresh perspective on the bond between body and mind, form and imagination.

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Jennifer Abel (writer) and Emanuele Scanziani (illustrator)

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