I Know the Psychology of Rats



“Why am I writing this book? … will all of this make sense to my readers? I do not know, but I have to get this off my chest. I have to present this incredibly wonderful, crazy and vulnerable friend of mine to the world because he deserves it, and also because I firmly believe, he had not ‘lost it’. … I hope the reader will find the book interesting because there is a story in it … of a deeply passionate Indian and world citizen. A citizen who, by using humour, the absurd and the grotesque, attempted to unravel our times and the world we had inherited. I first met him at the Film School in Pune in 1973. … He would become my friend, partner and finally close confidante, and his name was Kundan Shah. He was the one who, in 1987, said: ‘I know the psychology of rats.’ Kundan Shah died on 7th October 2017.”

Nachiket Patwardhan, architect, artist and filmmaker, has been illustrating books since 1971

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Saeed Mirza

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3 January 2023




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