We Come From Mist: Writings from Meghalaya



This book is an offering—of prose, poetry, musical lyrics, and visual art—by the women of Meghalaya in Northeast India. One of the
smallest states in the country, but also, one of the most beautiful, Meghalaya is blessed with landscapes that mesmerize and inspire song and story. In the not-so-distant past, though, it has also seen political turbulence and civil unrest, and many of the works
here capture that quiet unease—in homes and kitchens, in market-places and public taxis. Yet this anthology is also a celebration.
Of wisdom and joy, of queerness and sisterhood, of mothers and feminine bodies, of home and hearths. Of voices new and
established. Brought together in one volume by Janice Pariat, a novelist and poet from these hills.
Here, we sit together around a fire, and sing, and weep, and dance, and tell stories. We dream of where we came from, the hills, the
mist, and dream of what else we are still yet to discover.

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Ed. Janice Pariat



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