The World of Asian Stories


The World of Asian Stories is a continuing campaign for storytelling as an effective and non-intrusive tool for sensitisation. This omnibus of stories and storytelling traditions from 43 countries across Asia provides an overview of methods and the multitude of stylistic variations. The book then embarks on a journey through fast-changing landscapes of unique, yet unifying cultural experience, presented through the distinctive voices of people. The focus is on the individual over the din of the dominant. This resource book invites teachers, parents and children to explore storytelling at home and in school. It introduces the reader to basic guidelines, offers tips and suggestions on technique, and provides an abundant pool of stories to draw from and activities to contextualise them. The visuals, too, offer a wealth of reference points. Illustrations are quirky and perceptive, subtly acquiring the flavours of the lands through which they journey. They complement the (sometimes whimsical) vagaries of the stories, creating an ambience of truthful, unassuming and straight-from-the heart storytelling.

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Cathy Spagnoli & Uma Krishnaswamy

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