The Soil and Health


A Study of Organic Agriculture


The Soil and Health argues that industrial agriculture, emergent in Howard’s era and dominant today, disrupts the delicate balance of nature and irrevocably robs the soil of it’s fertility. The central tenet of Howard’s philosophy is that healthy soil, vegetation, animals and humans are connected and that undernourishment of soil is the source of health problems.

In Howard’s estimation, heavy reliance on chemical fertilizers will ultimately lead to widespread disease and destruction of vibrant communities. His message-that we must respect and restore the health of the soil for the benefit of future generations-still resonates among those who are concerned about the effects of chemically enhanced agriculture.

As the environmental and social consequences of industrial farming are being hotly debated, The Soil and Health remains vital to understanding, what is at stake in the battle between chemical and organic farming.

SIR ALBERT HOWARD ( 1873-1947), founder of organic farming movement, is the author of several books, including An agricultural Testament.

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