Savarkar and Hindutva


This book investigates the figure of Savarkar, the author of the term ‘Hindutva’. What it finds does not add up to a flattering portrait. Savarkar rejected the inclusive, secular concept of ‘territorial nationalism’ and advocated the exclusivist, communal concept of ‘cultural nationalism’. He repeatedly apologized and gave written undertakings to the government. He was directly connected to more than one murderr. And most damagingly, as the book demonstrates in great detail, it was Savarkar who led the conspiracy to assissinate Mahatma Gandhi on that fateful winter evening of 1948.
Inimitably forthright and hardhitting, A.G. Noorani builds a devastating case against Savarkar. With a wealth of information and historical detail, this book is a must for all those interested in modern Indian politics and the history of communalism in India.

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