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Recent decision taken by the government to allow the Indian giant mining companies to explore southern Orissa, the homeland of Kond tribes, for getting bauxite stones out of it, will no doubt be throwing the poor tribal people out of their land of forefathers. This book shows us that it costs a lot to be ‘civilized’ with the help of aluminum, the popular metal and how bloody its costs are. Though written in the pretext of the history of aluminum industry and its impact on Orissa, it no doubt has a larger implication for us. The agony of the Dongria Kond tribes is very well expressed here. The Konds have been living in harmony with nature since time immemorial, in the southern parts of Orissa, known for its bauxite enriched hills. How pathetic would it have been had they not had resisted this effort of the power savvy profit mongers. Thus, we may say that this tribe, no matter how weak they seem, is a role model before us. Not only that, no matter how humble they may look, they showed us how to leave absolutely in harmony with nature; again at the same time, how to resist out of their respective villages, this draconian effort taken by the big mining companies and government officials together.

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Felix Padel and Samarendra Das

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