New Agriculture


The devastation, depletion and destruction of the biosphere and its natural resources are taking place not due to the biological needs of the human race, but due to the rapacious needs of a social order based on power, greed, profit and exploitation, which deprives a majority of the world’s peoples their basic necessities of life and human dignity.

This brutal social order needs for its existence a consumeristic way of life and has generated one such, a consumeristic way of life which guzzles more energy than what it generates. This energy coming from the mindless and rapacious use and exploitation of the natural resources of the very bio-sphere on which humanity dreams to have a peaceful existence.

Permaculture is a response and an alternative WAY OF LIFE, based on a cooperative and non-exploitative relationship with the bio-sphere and as a part of it.

Today Permaculture has come to mean a whole life system encompassing various strategies for people to acquire all those resources, including access to land needed to evolve self-financing and selfmanaged systems to provide for all their material and non-material needs, without depleting, polluting and destroying the natural resources of the biosphere.

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