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At the root of every disease is some cause. That cause no drug can reach. Drugs,vaccines and serums do not remove the cause of disease. They only aggravate the ill-health of the recipient, sowing the seeds of more and worse disease.

The human body is a wonderful organism that can recuperate, rejuvenate and heal itself. All these powers are contained within the body; and every organ and gland plays a significant role in carrying out the vital functions of life, including self-healing.

The power to heal is inherent in the tiniest cell. The modern medical world names a disease according to the symptoms a person has. But the trillion dollar modern “ health care industry” makes no attempt to remove the causes of disease. Instead, it makes every attempt to suppress symptoms. It cannot and does not bring long-term health and vitality to people, which only happens by removing of the cause of ill health. In most cases, this cause is the sum-total of life style choices and their persistence.

The collection of insightful essays – by leading natural health practitioners – in this Handbook of Nature Cure, edited by Dr John Fielder, lucidly explains the cause of ill health and disease. The factors conducive to vibrant health are also discussed. The Handbook thus hopes to provide a useful guide to every health seeker – for regaining health and vitality.

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