Education for Sustainable Development


Challenges, Strategies and Practices in a Globalizing World

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Education for Sustainable Development is an emerging field that is being addressed from transdisciplinary and transinstitutional perspectives, forging links between academic and non-academic institutions. It explores sustainable development as a process that embraces environmental issues, poverty, health, security, democracy, gender and human rights. This collection provides multiple perspectives regarding the possibility of creating sustainable education practices that are integrated into and relevant to the needs and practices on a global scale. It also focuses on the failure of traditional education to address the problems of globalization.

The articles conceive sustainable development education as focusing on the holistic development of the body and mind, encompassing a wide range of issues. This idea is also central to the Gandhian tradition of life knowledge and Nai Talim (New Education).

The uniqueness of this compilation is in the multiple perspectives it provides, establishing workable links between local communities, governments, and international organizations that would enable sustainable human development. It is a rich reference resource for those working in the fields of education, economics, and development studies.

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Anastasia Nikolopoulou

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