Alone in the Forest


One day, Musa sets off alone to collect wood from the forest near to his home. Suddenly, he hears a deafening noise and is overcome with terror… Was the sound a wild boar? A whole herd of wild boars? Or something even worse?

What happens to Musa and how he learns to deal with his fear is explored in this powerful yet sensitive visual story of the psychology of fear. Typography, book design, narrative, and contemporary Indian tribal artwork by renowned Gond artist Bhajju Shyam come together in this new children’s book.

Gond tribal artist Bhajju Shyam is from Madhya Pradesh in central India. The Gonds are a community of highly visual people, who were traditionally forest dwellers, and the inspiration for this story came from Bhajju’s stories of his own childhood.

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Bhajju Shyam|Gita Wolf & Andrea Anastasio

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