The Indispensable Vivekananda : An Anthology for our Times

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Author : Ed. Amiya P. Sen
Pages : 242
Edition : 2012

A hundred years after Swami Vivekananda’s oratory, essays, and philosophical writings offered substantial modifications and refinements to modern Hinduism, he remains a key figure in any proper understanding of the religion of India’s largest majority. The present anthology, which showcases those aspects of Vivekananda that seem ‘indispensable’ even today, consists of two halves: an Introduction by the editor, followed by selections from the core of the Swami’s oeuvre. In his Introduction, the editor provides, first, a general introduction to the life and work of the Swami; and second, a critical appraisal of the various aspects of his social and philosophical ideas. Wherever possible and relevant, the latter are situated within the general spectrum of neo-Hindu thought. An attempt is also made here to critically evaluate the legacy of Vivekananda in contemporary India. The second section, comprising ‘readings’, is divided into four parts, each containing Vivekananda’s writings which deal with ‘Contemporary India and her Problems’, ‘Religion and the Human Revolution’, ‘Vedanta and the Future of Mankind’, and ‘The Spiritual Ends of Man’. A list of ‘Suggested Readings’ concludes this volume.

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