Private Water Supply Augmentation Project in KHANDWA

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Author : Gaurav Dwivedi , Rehmat
Pages : 60
Edition : 2011

The number of private water projects under UIDSSMT is increasing at a fast rate. Khandwa is the first town in Madhya Pradesh to execute a privatewater project under this scheme, hence the findings of this project would be important for other towns as well which are looking for implementingprivate water projects under UIDSSMT.

This report basically focuses on the issues related to the new private watersupply augmentation project from Chhoti Tawa, a tributary of Narmada River, and a part of the backwaters of Indira Sagar Project on Narmada. It gives a brief picture of the existing water supply system in Khandwa. It also discusses in details the impacts of the new private water supply project and question marks on the project efficacy.

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