My Life is My Message (Four volumes)

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Author : Narayan Desai
Pages : 2400
Edition : 2009

This English translation of Narayan Desai’s epic four-volume biography in Gujarati, Maru Jivan Ej Mari Vani—hailed as one of the finest insights into the life of Gandhi—brings alive Gandhi’s quest as one indivisible whole, in which “the political” is not outside the realm of “the spiritual”. My Life is My Message liberates the Gandhi story from the constraining tyranny of political discourse and gives centrestage to his “soulsearchings”. The struggle within and the struggle without, are both seen as aspects of the same reality—just as the inner journey of the self is depicted in its interaction with the life of the collective. What emerges is a full picture of Gandhi. Drawing from a wealth of sources—what Gandhi wrote in letters, books and newspapers, spoke in intimate conversations with his fellow “servant co-workers”, and in speeches and interviews, besides what those around him wrote and spoke about him—the narrative is illumined, above all, by the author’s own life as an inveterate “Gandhijan”, ever since his childhood years in Gandhi’s ashrams.

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