Handbook of Natural Hygiene

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Author : Ed. John Fielder
Pages : 160
Edition : 2016

The body functions as an integrated whole, and must be viewed as such. All its organs function in vital dynamic reciprocity, adapting both internally and externally to a wide range of influences. The term ‘heal’ has its roots in ‘whole’; healing is essentially holistic.

‘Natural Hygiene’ teaches that our body self-heals. It explains the conditions on which health depends, and reveals the way in which it is restored when lost. It may thus be defined as: the scientific application of the principles of nature in the preservation and restoration of health. Practically, it requires the observance of the laws of life.

Natural hygiene shows how man is the builder of his own diseases, which do not come upon him without causes, rooted primarily in unhealthy living. Health is thus restored by healthy living. The more we stray from the laws of nature, the more patience and perseverance may be required to regain health.

This book hopes to help you regain the intuitive wisdom and integral understanding needed.