First as Tragedy then as Farce

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Author : Salvoj Zizek
Pages : 157
Edition : 2009

With the help of two most shocking incidents of this so called ‘new world order’ that exists today, i.e. 9/11 attack on the twin towers of America and economic meltdown of 2008, Prof. Zizek has proposed a step by step approach and has exposed the travesty of the argument put forward by capitalist intellectuals when they preach the slogan of ‘End of History’. At the same time he intends also to explain the ideological crisis communists are facing today. Here he has expressed his serious doubt about all the simplistic formula put forward by communists on the question of how to resolve the crisis human civilization is facing today. It is thought provoking indeed when he argues that any political initiation which aspire to emancipate from the present degrading state of existence, can emerge no longer from a particular social agent, be it proletariat class or capitalists, it can assert only from an explosive combination of different agents.

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