Children of Other Worlds

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Author : Jeremy Seabrook
Pages : 200
Edition : 2009

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Jeremy Seabrook spent several years travelling to the most remote parts of the world, seeking out children who work in squalid, horrific conditions. In Children of Other Worlds, he provides vivid descriptions of these children’s lives. Seabrook insists that the whole question of protecting children\’s rights, North and South, must take into consideration the structural abuses of humanity that are inherent in globalization. He dispels the myth that by following the western world\’s example of wealth creation, the two thirds world will soon shed its acceptance of child labour and everyone will benefit. He also addresses the question of education often touted as a solution to child labour, pointing out that the sort of dreary education meted out to children nowadays is itself a form of abusive labour—one increasingly divorced from any relevance to meeting their vital daily needs.