Ayurvedic Healing for Women

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Author : Atreya
Pages : 262
Edition : 2014

his book uses the Ayurvedic model to present a different point of view on health care for women. This methodology not only works, but works permanently and thoroughly, without side effects. It is supported by
over five thousand years of clinical data and experience. It is a part of the science of life, Ayurveda

Written for women who want to find their own solutions to their health issues, Ayurvedic Healing for Women addresses the need to treat the root cause of feminine problems. It rejects the notion that discomfort, pain, and emotional swings are normal to a woman’s life. With this self-help guide, you’ll learn how to devise a treatment plan that is right for your unique constitution-how to use dietary changes and herbal supplements to treat PMS, mitigate premenopausal symptoms, prevent osteoporosis, and reverse many other ailments.

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